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Washes and Wags 

Pet Grooming

We provide the washes,
                                  so you can enjoy the wags!

Pet Grooming Services

Our Mission: To provide a low-stress grooming experience and environment that keeps your pet happy and safe throughout the whole grooming process.

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Choose from one of our plant-derived shampoos made with essential oils to aid many different skin types and issues and our conditioners are pH balanced, biodegradable and non-toxic.


We specialize in grooms for both dogs and cats. Choose a HALF, FULL CUT, or BREED CUT.


We offer nail grinding and trims as well as a NEEM foot soak to prevent chewing. Kitty nail caps are also available. We offer nail services for GUINEA PIGS and BUNNIES also.

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We give your pet a full teeth brushing that leaves their teeth healthier and fresh.


We offer a wide variety of services for customers on the go! These are all items you may just drop by for and wait on your pet.


We offer several packages including the BATH package, TIDY UP package, and FULL CUT package.

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