About Us


Our Mission

To provide a low-stress grooming experience and environment that keeps your pet happy and safe throughout the whole grooming process.

It is, and always has been our vision to provide every pet and pet parent possible with a top-quality yet laid back solution to their grooming matters and to be the only grooming salon in town that you’ll want to bring your pet for all of you grooming needs and knowledge. I will always strive to have staff that will combine care, comfortability, education, excellent customer service and image to achieve this vision.

Kristina Kirk

Hours of Operation

Sunday                                          🕘10am-4pm

Monday                                        🕘9am-5pm

Tuesday                                        🕘9am-5pm

Wednesday                                🕘9am-5pm

Thursday                                      🕘9am-5pm

Friday                                             🕘9am-5pm

Saturday                                       🕘9am-5pm

WALK-IN SERVICES are available

Mon-Set 10am - 4pm; Sun 11-3.

Walk-in services include self-wash,

nail trims, face trims.